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SportsBettingIndia.in is part of a national network of sports betting review sites, which provide country-specific information to consumers about online sports betting.

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India Sports Betting Issues

No matter if you are in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Jaipur or any other Indian city, trying to bet online from India is different compared to nearly every other country in the world.  I've reviewed over 30 international sports betting sites from the perspective of every important market on the planet.  Indians have their own sports preferences, unique laws that affect your ability to transact funds and a fast-developing mobile infrastructure.  All of these things help to shape India as a sports betting marketplace.

This site is only concerned with discussing and exploring key issues facing Indian bettors as they go about choosing the best online sports betting service that is right for their needs.  I outline these issues and then help to identify companies that are excited to serve Indians, reputable, well-regulated and large enough for all bettors to feel sure that your money is safe and secure while in your betting account and that your withdrawals are assured.

All the betting sites that I list must accept India-based bettors. They must provide significant coverage of the sport that Indians love the most - cricket. Lastly, they must provide several viable options for transacting funds to and from their betting accounts.  Not every company covers cricket well, accepts Indian bettors and offers banking solutions that work well for Indian patrons.  To get into my list, each betting site must satisfy these three criteria unique to the Indian market.  To further understand how I created my list and how companies get listed, read the section at right. Note that the top 5 India betting sites that we list also offer direct Indian Rupee betting, so you save on forex fees.

Most reputable online sports betting sites for bettors in India

Deposit & Withdraw money with your betting site from India

Key to your sports betting experience is the manner in which you will be able to deposit and withdraw funds from your betting account via your chosen banking methods.  

If you choose an online sportsbook that offers INR accounts, it is important that you also are able to bank directly in INR.  This can be done with various methods for each betting site and may include, credit cards, e-wallet providers or even bank transfers.

If you select a betting site that does not offer Indian Rupee accounts and you intend to use an intermediary payment solution like an e-wallet, make sure that you set in the same currency type for both your betting account and your e-wallet in order to avoid excess currency exchange fees.  .

Most online sportsbooks are focused on targeting the average bettor.  As such, there are limits placed the amount that can be bet or that can be won.  Smaller companies are at a higher risk of a big loss, and thus they tend to have lower limits.  

However, VIPs often have a desire to wager larger amounts on a given match. If you feel you belong in the VIP category of bettors, all of the sites that we list have winning limits to cover the biggest VIP bettors.  Each betting site offers betting rules that cover this sort of information.  It is best if you check each site for this info as it can change.

VIP Sports Betting from India:

Is online sports betting legal in India?  Understanding Indian gambling laws:

Gambling in India is a controversial subject.  The 1867 Public Gambling Act essentially outlaws the operation of gambling houses or parlours as well as one’s ability to attend such places.  Currently there is no national policy with regard to online sports betting or licensing of online betting businesses.  Countries such as the USA have done their best to ban online betting outright, while others like France and Australia have licensed and taxed betting companies that wish to offer sports betting services to their citizens.  

Given that the Indian federal government has made the issue of gambling a state-level responsibility, it is unlikely that any similar uniform legislation will be brought to bear across all of India.  Though this does not me an you should not exercise caution.  Arrests have been made against Indians that decided to operate their own betting websites to accept wager from those that wanted to bet IPL matches.  It is far safer for Indians interested in sports betting to use international sportsbook services that operate securely offshore like those listed above.

Do you prefer to bet with Indian Rupees?

Most sports betting companies around the world provide wagering accounts in anywhere from about 3 to 12 different currencies.  As you might expect, these companies offer the currencies most used by their target customers, which tend to be the currencies of the most developed countries.  This tends to leave Indian bettors with a dilemma.  Some sportsbooks offer Indian Rupee Sports betting accounts, but there are almost always significant drawbacks.  Several of these companies operate from India, which can be dangerous as they may be shutdown by local authorities meaning your account balance would be at risk of confiscation.  

New companies and websites emerge all the time both within India and abroad but are too new to be called reputable.  This also leaves you at risk of cancelled bets, closed accounts and confiscated funds but by the company itself.  Oftentimes the terms and conditions of these website give them the freedom to do as they please with no recourse for you the customer.  Furthermore, these startup companies often offer “deposit bonuses” or “free bets” that are too good to be true.  The rules and stipulations for some bonuses can make the offers difficult to achieve in order to actually receive the full offer value.  It is best to play with reputable companies that offer Indian players sports betting bonuses that are more attainable.  

This is why I essentially only recommend betting services that are mature, are located away from India and Asia and their authorities, and tend to cater to Western markets, like Europe, Canada, Australia etc.  India as a market is growing in importance.  As this growth continues, more of the World’s best betting sites including those listed above will begin to offer betting accounts in the Rupee.  

Do you have to pay taxes on your sports betting winnings in India?

The government of India would certainly like you to.  The reality is that these betting sites are located and operated off-shore.  India has not yet struck agreements with online sports betting operators to pass taxes back to the government.  If you make payments to your betting site with an intermediary banking method like an e-wallet, your winnings can be held off-shore in that e-wallet and used for purchases.

Gambling does take place in India where legal.  Winnings are withheld at a rate of 30% by operators to be returned to the government as tax revenue. For further information on the Indian tax implications when you win at sports betting.

India Sports Betting Bonuses (New Customers)

Understanding the list:

When most online sportsbooks get reviewed, the reviewing site operates in a grey area.  They tend to list as many betting sites as possible and always try to include the brands that have targeted themselves to your particular market.  The review site will often include a high grade or rating for each site to encourage your play.  Every one of the reviewed sites will get a rating that equates to 80% or higher.  However, the review never mentions why one particular site got such a high grade, nor do they mention why one site is 5-stars, and another is 4-stars.

Other review sites operate in this way because they don’t actually care where you decide to play.  Their real goal is to list as many sites as possible, usually the ones whose brands are already established in your country, in this case India, and hope that you will recognize a brand you know, will see the positive rating and start playing.

Sports Betting India reviews sportsbooks with a different philosophy.  As you can see from the list at left, several of the biggest names that target the Asian market are not listed.  The list only includes the most reputable sites that exist outside Asia to provide Indians with a layer of security as opposed to sites based within India that might be at risk to closure by local authorities.  

Unlike other review sites, this site is not interested in listing sites with which you are familiar but have a poor reputation or leave your deposits at risk.  The sites listed are truly the best group of sportsbooks for the Indian bettor.

The list only includes sites that have satisfied the following criteria:

If a site fails to meet all these criteria, the reviewed sportsbook is not included in my list.  A sportsbook is either worthy of your custom, or not worthy, there is no grey area.  

I’ve reviewed over 30 of the biggest names in the business.  I’m not here to list every sportsbook, tell you what is wrong with them from an Indian perspective, and then hope to trade on their brand and logo because they advertise at IPL cricket matches or EPL football matches and you know their name.

The list shows you the best companies with which you may bet from India.  The first three Indian rupee sportsbooks, the rest are in no particular order.  They all provide an excellent experience, but have their differences.  Please read and enjoy responsibly.

Deposit Methods

Where can Indian ex-patriots wager on cricket in the Gulf Region?

Millions of Indians have moved abroad to the Gulf Region in order to find work for better wages.  Controversies surrounding poor working conditions in these countries have been well-reported in books, magazines and news broadcasts.  This reporting has shone a light on these issues, helping to improve things for migrant workers in Middle East nations of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE. So things are improving in some ways in this regard.

Betting in the public or in private with other people in these countries is prohibited, and laws are enforced.  The more tolerated manner of sports betting in these nations is through reputable online betting brands that serve these countries - but not all brands serve them.  To find the best online bookmakers for Indian ex-pats in the Middle East, look to read more about UAE betting sites, and those for Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Kuwait.